Stratton / Kantor / Barbera Transducer

Jeff Stratton

Skull Violin

“I never expected the skull violin to be so popular. With the
global reach of the internet. It has been such a big pleasure for
me. Now I have the opportunity to work with a great guy
like Robert Kantor”

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Tone Box

Skull Crusher LTD

Tone-Box Skull Crusher Overdrive Limited Edition by Kantor Guitars

Tone Box Skull Crusher Effects pedal. Tone Box Limited Edition Skull Crusher effects Pedal, overdrive with 2db PReAmp.

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Jim Dunlop

Cry Baby Wah

Jim Dunlop's Bling Wah by Robert Kantor guitars

Kantor Guitars creates Bling Wah Wah pedals for Jim Dunlop Manufacturing

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