Jeff Stratton

Skull Violin

Stratton / Kantor / Barbera Transducer
Stratton / Kantor / Barbera TransducerStratton / Kantor / Barbera Transducer

Here is the amazing result of the exciting collaboration between Jeff Stratton, Robert Kantor Guitars® and Barbera Transducers. From a casual conversation then carved into reality, you can see that this is indeed a very special instrument. At Kantor Guitars®, we are always trying to raise the bar and with the help of the amazing Jeff Stratton, we believe that we have.

Jeff Stratton on his Skull Violins

“As I reflect on how I got to where I am today, my high
school art teacher Ken Gessford probably has had the
biggest influence in how I have developed as an artist and
designer. I spent a lot of time in his classroom listening to
great music and creating whatever was in my head that
wanted to come out and be seen. Now, if an idea is stuck
in my head, I turn on the Grateful Dead and start banging
away with the chisels…”

“I started making electric violins 12 years ago out of a
garage in San Diego. Then, in a stroke of karma, I moved
to Varna, Bulgaria and started my studio – a perfect move.
Everything I need to make it work is here: the wood,
skilled craftsmen, and the creative environment. I had
no idea there was such a large violin-making culture in

“The skull violin was born out my desire to have an electric
violin for my own use, but I wanted something that fit with
my own style. I have always liked the distressed look of old
furniture, the cracks in the dirt as it dries out after a rain
and, most of all, old wooden shipwrecks. The skull design
fit perfectly into the shape of a classic violin and the look I
was after.”

“I never expected the skull violin to be so popular. With the
global reach of the internet, I now ship violins worldwide.”

“The best thing about this business is the people I get to
meet in the process. It has been such a big pleasure for
me. Now I have the opportunity to work with a great guy
like Robert Kantor.”

“Life just keeps getting better and better!”