NYC Under Pop

Formed in New York City in 2012 by Rivington Starchild (vocals), Lucas Garzoli (guitar), and Roman Lewis (drums), DAMEHT blends rock & roll, punk, electronic, and new wave. DAMEHT is known for their high intensity and visually stimulating live performances. Recently, a month long residency at the infamous Pyramid Club in the East Village was met with praise and a legion of new fans. Now DAMEHT is ready to take their show on the road, starting with Art Basel Miami 2014, followed by a college tour in Winter 15, SXSW, and a West Coast tour in Spring/Summer.

For the last year, DAMEHT has worked with famed Lower East Side artist, Clayton Patterson on t-shirts, leather jackets, patches, hats, and even a pop-up gallery show that was featured in The New York Times. Their latest is a joint collaboration with Clayton Patterson and Kantor Guitars. Kantor Guitars was first introduced to Clayton Patterson’s work through DAMEHT, who helped curate this one of a kind guitar.
The black on black guitar epitomizes the eminent nature of the collaboration, joining three unique and exciting entities into one beautiful piece. Clayton provides the design, Kantor the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and DAMEHT the rock!

The simple yet exquisite Clayton design of two swirling dragons forming a hypnotizing spiral under Clayton’s signature NYC characters, feels almost ready-made for the curvy Les Paul, as the knobs and the toggle switch fit tightly with Clayton’s shapes. Using black SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the spiral is embellished in the heart of the guitar’s body, around gold pickups and a gold bridge. With all these parts, the guitar takes on a romantic, alchemist element. Hearing DAMEHT’s guitarist, Lucas Garzoli, play the guitar live is knowing the wizardry conjured when playing this true piece of art.

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