Elliot Easton

The Cars / Tiki Gods

Elliot Easton holding his newly minted Kantor Guitar featuring the artwork of Chris Reccardi in the backround
Kantor Guitars Momofuku by Chris Reccardi for Elliot EastonChris Reccardi presents Kantor Guitars 'MOMOFUKU' for Elliot Easton of The CARSChris Reccardi presents Kantor Guitars 'MOMOFUKU' for Elliot Easton of The CARSChris Reccardi presents Kantor Guitars 'MOMOFUKU' for Elliot Easton of The CARSThe missing shot of MOMOFUKU with Chris Reccardi, Elliot Easton & Robert KantorElliot Easton playing Momofuku by Kantor Guitars at the studioElliot Easton's TIKIBIRD Gibson Firebird LTD by Robert Kantor GuitarsElliot Easton's TIKIBIRD Gibson Firebird LTD by Robert Kantor Guitars

Elliot Easton (born Elliot Steinberg, December 18, 1953, in Brooklyn, New York) plays lead guitar and sings backing vocals for The Cars. His guitar solos are integral part of the band’s hit singles. He studied music at the Berklee College of Music. He plays guitar left-handed.
Upon the collapse of The Cars in 1988, Easton played in bands such as the new wave supergroup The New Cars and the roots rock group Creedence Clearwater Revisited. He has also played in songs by newer artists such as the power pop band the Click Five, whose guitarist Joe Guese referred to him as “the Boston connection”.


Check out Elliot’s Guitars by Kantor Guitars:


Gibson MOMOFUKU SG by Chris Reccardi

Elliot was kind enough to share photos taken at his home in Hidden Hills, CA. You can see Chris signing this one of a kind piece of musical art that has been created in collaboration with Kantor Guitars. I was fortunate enough to spend time with Elliot at his recent birthday party in LA and met up with Chris to snap the shot of us together with our one of a kind creation. Look for this guitar to appear with Elliot’s new “Tiki Gods” efforts later this coming spring!

Kantor Guitars featured artist Chris Reccardi has been working 24/7 on a his new TV series for Disney and only now finally found the time to catch up with his friend, fan and TIKI GODS bandmate Elliot Easton.
h3. Elliot Easton’s Momofuku

Check it out! the guitar was recently delievered to Elliot and seems he’s been enjoying it already! Check out this link at ‘The Les Paul Forum’: http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=176562

About the artist

Chris Reccardi is a veteran of TV and Film Animation and a successful fine artist in the Pop Surrealism fine art scene.

An Animator, Designer, Story Artist, Director, and Musician, Chris has contributed to such acclaimed cartoons as The Ren & Stimpy Show, Samurai Jack, powerpuff Girls and many more . His conceptual design and storyboard work can be seen in features recently released by DreamWorks (Shrek 3 & 4, Monsters Vs. Aliens), Film Roman (“Rob Zombie’s haunted world of El Superbeasto”) and Sony Pictures Animation’s “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs”. He has recently completed development on 3 original pilots for Cartoon Network’s “Cartoonstitute” shorts program.

Chris’s Paintings have developed an international collector base and have been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine (June ’06). Past exhibits include galleries in Palm Springs, Seattle, Los Angeles and Denver, and future exhibitions at Outre Gallery in Melbourne AU, and M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, CA.

Chris won a Rueben Award from the National Cartoonists Society (for “Samurai Jack, 2002), and has been nominated for an Annie Award (for Powerpuff Girls, 2005).

Chris has also composed and performed music for 2 original TV pilots (“IMP, inc, 2002, and Nickelodeon’s “The Modifyers”, 2007) as well as the title theme songs and various background music for “The Ren & Stimpy Show”. A future music solo album is planned as well.

Chris lives and works in a tiny suburb of Los Angeles which was nearly destroyed by fire in 2009. Thank goodness the town survived!