Chris Reccardi

From Ren & Stimpy to crystal Tiki's

I was lucky to be introduced to Chris Reccardi by my client Elliot Easton of The CARS. Elliot and I were brainstorming over the proposed graphic ideas for his SG when I happened to ask him what artists turn you on? He then told me he loved Chris Reccardi, famous veteran of TV and Film animation in Pop surrealism. I then suggested that Elliot approach Chris about possibly doing a rendering for us. And that was just the beginning.

Visit WWW.RECCARDI.COM for never before seen animation art from many famous (and not so famous!) animation projects. Also look out for storefront, interactive Blog and a new music section showcasing past and present musical projects!

Check out the Momofuku Guitar project designed by Chris Reccardi for Elliot Easton, and even more photos on Chris’s web