Featured Artist Series: Chris Reccardi


Gibson SG®

Kantor on Chris Reccardi

When starting the creative process… I ask my artists who their inspirations are… what turns them on… to kind of get inside their head before beginning… Elliot has long used the “TIKI” God as his personal symbol. Elliot mentioned that he was quite enamored with a particular artist who had worked in various mediums including television that had an eye for the type of vibe Elliot wished to capture. I suggested he contact the artist and see if in fact he might be interested to pen some artwork for our guitar project. As it turns out… Chris is also a musician, a guitar player, and had worked on a few other unrelated guitar art projects. Chris got right on it and quickly delivered the amazing imagery you see here. Being a big fan of Elliot and The Cars, back in 1979 Chris snuck in to see his first “CARS” concert in New York’s Central Park so this guitar is payback time!