Featured Artist Series: Clayton Patterson

Black on Black New York City

1974 Gibson Les Paul®

Black on Black New York 1974 Gibson Les Paul by Kantor Guitars ft. Clayton Patterson

Clayton Patterson has been a New York City artist, photographer, videographer, and activist since the late seventies, when he and his partner, Elsa Rensaa, moved to the Lower East Side. His artworks, considered Outsider art, are vibrant, moving figures; stars, shapes, suns, moons, snakes, and other opaque symbols collaged together to create haunting, but beautiful, pieces. The influential art dealer and curator, Jeffrey Deitch, called Clayton’s work, recently showcased for the first time in years at Galerie ABP, “Very strong, exciting, lively.” This black on black guitar epitomizes this feeling. Commissioned by Kantor guitars and DAMEHT, the simple yet exquisite Clayton design of two swirling dragons forming a hypnotizing spiral under Clayton’s signature NYC characters, feels almost ready-made for the curvy Les Paul, as the knobs and the toggle switch fit tightly with Clayton’s shapes. Using black and hematite Swarovski crystals, the spiral is embellished in the heart of the guitar’s body, around gold pickups and a gold bridge. With all these parts, the guitar takes on a romantic, alchemist element. Who knows what wizardry is conjured when playing this piece of art.

Kantor Guitars was first introduced to Clayton Patterson’s work through the band DAMEHT, who helped curate this one of a kind guitar.