Kantor Designs: One of a Kind

Auroras Boreales Kantor Strat

Fender Strat®

Aurora Boreales Fender Strat® by Robert Kantor Guitars

The new American Standard Stratocaster carries on in the classic tradition, featuring all the essential Strat elements, but upgraded with Fender Custom Shop Fat 50’s pickups for a beefier tone, and aged plastic parts like the selector tip and control knobs, for a bit more of that vintage vibe. The neck is a modern C-shape, with hand-rolled fingerboard edges, 22 medium-jumbo frets and a satin finish on the back for smooth playability. Fretboards are maple or rosewood. Other features include a thinner undercoat and urethane finish on the solid alder body for improved resonance, and an American 2-point tremolo, with copper-infused bridge block for increased mass and enhanced tone.

Kantor Guitars now takes this modern classic to the next level by adding a hand made Swarovski finish in super reflective AB crystal.