Kantor Designs: One of a Kind

The 80's Tribute

Charvel San Dimas©

Kareem came to me with the comment that his Boss (Lady GaGa) was heading into a new type of sound that needed some wild 1980ʼs whammy bar action. He said “why donʼt we make a killer Kantor version of an iconic 1980’s type guitar?”
I of course had to take on the challenge and began searching for a way to pay homage to the look and style of the famous guitars best known in the 1980’s. I finally located a flat black San Dimas USA guitar and chose it because it had a flat black finish. I then brandished the bling in several tones of clear and grey
THE 80ʼs Tribute by Kantor Guitars features SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that when the light hits the guitar you will only see the stripes flashing. A few shadow stripes were added to soften the taping effect on the body. I then finished it off with a special message in diamonds on the headstock to which only Kareem knows the meaning!
The strap I chose to match is loaded with silver bullets each with a diamond mounted on the firing end of each bullet. This one of a kind guitar speaks for itself!