Kantor Vault: Private collection

Art Deco Jazz Archtop

Bruce Kunkel

Like fine violin construction, both sides of the Top and Back are beautifully carved. Some people call it an arched top but this can refer to instruments with a pressed arched top, so I don’t like calling it that. This is truly a tapped tuned carved Top and carved back guitar.

It is just the right size and weight. The perfect Jazz guitar, with a warm electric sound and clean acoustic qualities. This guitar has several break through features not found in other Carved Top. One of these features is that it is “convertible” from acoustic to electric, just by switching pick guards.

The two EMG pickups are floating (not touching the top). By removing the electric pick guard and replacing it with the acoustic pick guard, you will have a totally acoustic instrument. his guitar has one thumb wheel volume control on the edge of the electric pick guard and a three way pickup selector switch.

The Back and sides are flame Maple. It has a three piece laminated neck with walnut decorative veneer. Continuing the theme of the heart sound hole famous in fine art Kunkel Guitars, the F holes are designed with half hearts at either end of the F hole. The pick guard, Tailpiece and bridge are hand carved Ebony. Very cool design. In my personal option, Chet Atkins and Wes Montgomery would have loved this guitar.