Chris Reccardi: From Ren & Stimpy to crystal Tiki's

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Momofuku design for Robert Kantor Guitars' Momofuku, by Chris Reccardi for Elliot Easton

I was lucky to be introduced to Chris Reccardi by my client Elliot Easton of The CARS. Elliot and I were brainstorming over the proposed graphic ideas for his Gibson SG when I happened to ask him what artists turn you on? He then told me he loved Chris Reccardi, famous veteran of TV and Film animation in Pop surrealism. I then suggested that Elliot approach Chris about possibly doing a rendering for us. Elliot being the ever polite and humble guy he is was not sure he felt comfortable but dug up the courage to approach Chris .As Chris is also a musician in his own right having composed and performed music for two original TV pilots including Nickelodeon’s “The Modifiers” he agreed at once to help us out.

Within 48 hours I had the initial renderings on my desktop! Chris had captured Elliot’s passion for Tiki Gods perfectly. A few tweaks and we were of to the Kantor Guitars factory to create another one of kind masterpiece. It was truly an honor to work with an artist as talented as Chris who also shares a passion for fine guitars and good music! I am honored to include Chris in my group of featured artists indeed.

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