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Trisha Lurie
Trisha Lurie Trisha Lurie Trisha LurieTrisha LurieTrisha Lurie

It is a great honor for Robert Kantor Guitars to introduce Trisha Lurie: Artist, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Model, Actress.. & Mother! Who is already working on her first designs for her featured artist series.

About Trisha Lurie

Singer/songwriter/guitarist, full time artist, model/actress and mother of a rad 8 year old boy. That is me in a nutshell.

As a Musician, I am a singer, songwriter and guitarist about to release my debut solo album titled Romancing Neptune. At the moment I am currently working full time in music, writing new music and of course recording my indie rock album set to be released this September. I am determined to make meaningful and authentic rock & roll until the day I die.

As an Artist, I’ve been a professional artist by trade since 1997. I work with a couple different styles and in many mediums, anything from modern fine art to mixed medium graffiti art. I use mediums such as pen and ink, acrylic, oils and spray paint. Lately I’ve been painting Guitars, Cabinets, and Amps as well as the typical Canvas, Wood panel.
I have also done extensive Graphic and Fine Art for various companies Internationally. Earlier in my art career I worked extensively in the Surf/Skate industry, doing graphics on boards, fabric, murals, clothing lines, etc. I love creating new ways to expand my art and always looking for new artistic adventures.

To read my full bio and see my art please check out my blog

You can find her on her Blog, Twitter, ReverbNation, Facebook and YouTube

And visit her Kickstarter page to help her with her project Let’s do this! Trisha Lurie’s debut Album Romancing Neptune