Kantor Guitar Sculptures to appear at the ROCKicons show @ Dorian Grey Gallery

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Robert Kantor Guitars Sculpture
Robert Kantor Guitars SculptureRobert Kantor Guitars SculptureBruce Springsteen & Bono by Gene ShawDavid Blue on Black by Gene Shaw, 12 x 15 inches, Coventry archivalFour Lennon by Bob Gruen, Silkscreen and photo silkscreen on Coventry rag paper, 29 x 39 inches, signed lower right

Michael McKenzie presents: ROCKicons

Exhibition Dates: June 27th – August 4th, 2013
Reception: Thursday June 27th, from 6-9PM
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Featuring iconic rock photographs by legendary industry professionals: Bob Gruen, Mick Rock, Gene Shaw, and Customized Swarovski Elements Crystal Guitars and sculptures by Robert Kantor.

*Curated by Michael McKenzie *
In a time when Museums internationally are staging blockbuster exhibits of rock n roll art, the East Village – a stomping ground for such rockers as Lou Reed, The Ramones, Blonde, Talking Heads and John Lennon, among others – will give you pictures worth a listen to at the Dorian Grey Gallery, at 437 East 9 st. NYC.

Headlining is the masterpiece ‘John Lennon: Peace and Freedom’ photographed by Bob Gruen, himself a rock icon with classic images that capture the rebel spirit of rock. This suite of silkscreens interprets what may well be the most important image rock culture has ever produced, summarizing in one glance the mission of rock’s venerable pop-political genius John Lennon. Co-starring are classic works from Gene Shaw, well known for his 30 years of work with Eric Clapton, as well as being the house photographer for The Limelight and The Fillmore/Irving Plaza. Artist/author/publisher Michael McKenzie, curator of the exhibit, presents his word/image message works of Deborah Harry, Lou Reed and Joey Ramone from his upcoming book “Mad Geniuses”. In addition to the amazing array of rock photographs are one of a kind custom guitar & sculpture creations by noted artist/ musician Robert Kantor. On display will be a series of hand embellished Swarovski Crystal Fender Guitars that are ready to plug & play!

Completing the chart is a series of works by Ron English, a key figure of Urban Pop, almost lampooning Warhol’s Double Elvis with his own brand of Popaganda.

“When I wrote ‘Art For The 80s’”, McKenzie commented, “I felt the work coming out of SoHo and The East Village was the proverbial ‘Next Big Thing’ and I couched a group of artists including Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Robert Longo, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Ronnie Cutrone, Cindy Sherman, Tom Otterness and JeanMichel Basquiat as the next group of important artists. Easy to say now but then they were essentially unknown when I wrote that book. I am always asked ‘What is next?’ I believe Urban Pop – English, Fairey, Crash, Banksy, Aiko, Eaton, Le Rat, Witz et al – and Rock/Art photography, including Bob Gruen, Mick Rock, Gene Shaw, Danny Clinch, the late Arturo Vega and myself, among others, will start hitting the museums harder and harder.”

Listen with your eyes…

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