Robert Kantor: The man in charge of styling Lady Gaga's Guitars | OHLALÁ!

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Robert Kantor Guitars by Sofía Alurralde for OHLALÁ! Magazine!

Kantor Guitars Famous in Argentina? I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Sofía Alurralde for OHLALÁ! Magazine!

In this exclusive interview with Argentinean magazine OHLALÁ!, the composer and entrepreneur tells us about the process of creating his customized instruments and how he became number one.

Robert Kantor is a songwriter, entrepreneur and rock lover. From a young age, he was immersed in the fashion scene, thanks to her parents who were dedicated to the world of design. Perhaps, that’s why Robert Kantor managed to fulfill his dream: to merge fashion and music in a musical instrument. From Tribecca, New York, in charge of shining the guitars of the most recognized artists, tells all his career in the fashion universe and how he got to customize the coolest guitars with Swarovski stones.

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